Theta State of Mind

For details on our rush events, check out our Facebook event page, Theta Kappa Phi Rush 2017: Theta State of Mind!

Rush Video

Check out our Fall 2017 rush video below!


A Message from our Pledge Mistress


This sorority has given me countless unforgettable memories during my college experience that I am so thankful for.  I joined this sorority looking for more friends amongst this giant world away from home.  Not only did I find those friends that I was looking for, but I found a sisterhood.  The young women in this house have become a family to me and I am honored to give back as this year’s pledge mistress of Theta Kappa Phi.  I have learned so much from my sisters and seen how each is remarkable and inspiring in their own unique way.  I can’t wait to help my future kids find their own little home away from home and start this once in a lifetime experience.  I look forward to welcoming them to this amazing sisterhood and excited to see my family grow even bigger this year.

Faith, Love & Trust,
Linda Che